Soldier Letters

Soldier Thank You Letters

As we have been sending out care packages we have been receiving wonderful thank you's from Troops stationed all around the world. We love to read every letter that comes in. We always feel as though no thank you is's us that needs to thank them for all their courageous efforts. So we'd like to say :

Thank You to every soldier out there!

Here's some of the many "Thank You" Letters we received:

Everyone at Operation Send Some Cheer,
  Thank you so much for the care packages you sent my Soldiers.  They
truly appreciated the Easter goodie bags-they were so cute and fun.
Your support and kindness is truly appreciated.  The support and items
we get from home makes it easier to be away from our home and families.
Thank you again ,
 SFC xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you on behalf of my entire
department for the wonderful gift packages that we just received. I know how
much time and effort goes into making an event and organization like yours a
success. I also want each and every one of your supporters, volunteers, and
contributors to know just how nice it is to get a little taste and
remembrance from home. Though many of us have family that we left behind
(and who try to send us a little things here and there), many of our younger
folks do not. Gifts like this mean more than I can tell you - nothing lifts
the spirits here like hearing "Mail!" and actually getting something.

Thank you for the support, caring and generosity. Thank you for remembering
us and helping to make our time away from those we love a little easier. And
thank you for taking the time to brighten our day.


Fire Chief, 332d ECES


Thank you for the goodies, my troops and I, really enjoyed them. Thank you for all you do in supporting us.
MSgt G

On behalf of the Sailors and Coalition members forward deployed
here in Kabul, Afghanistan I would like to say thank you for the great
care packages you sent to us. My shipmates and I enjoyed all the
different girl scout cookies (Thin Mints are my favorite), candy, cards,
toiletries, letters, socks and other items. I hope you had as much fun
putting them together as we had opening them. Judging by the amount of
items and wrapping involved I bet it was a lot of work! As we opened the
boxes and took things out we started trading items - everyone was able
to find something they liked. Attached is a picture of some of our
sailors opening the packages.

    About us: we are a contingent of Individual Augmentee Navy
Personnel, Finnish and Norwegian officers who are currently working with
the Afghan National Army to mentor the development of their first Radio
Communications Signal School. Like you we come from different regions
and have different areas of expertise (Information Systems Technicians,
Electronics Technicians, Information Dominance Warfare Officers to name
a few). Some of us are veteran Individual Augmentees (Navy personnel
supporting Army billets overseas) and some of us are on our first
forward deployment that doesn't involve a ship. The hours are long and
working with a developing military force that speaks a different
language can be challenging but it will be worth it - once the ANA can
communicate well they will be a vital asset to the security of their
country and ours. Some of the candy and snacks you sent were eaten by
our Afghan interpreters who had never seen Oreos, tootsie rolls and
other types of food we take for granted back home and they were very
pleased by them as well.

    Again, I'd like to express my gratitude for all your volunteer
hours and hard work getting these care packages to us. Without you there
would be soldiers who go through an entire deployment without anything
from back home at mail call and that wouldn't be right, especially at
this time of year during the holiday season. I have two sons who are in
cub scouts and look forward to getting back home to them and seeing if I
can kick off a similar effort on behalf of our pack. Please feel free to
forward this email on to any girl scout troops or other volunteer
organizations who were involved in Operation Care Package. Hooyah OCP,
keep up the great work!
Very Gratefully Yours,

Another "Thank You"
My name is Captain XXXXXXX and I am currently located in Kandahar
CityAfghanistan with the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry
Division out of Fort Carson, CO.  I just wanted to say thank you for
your support and taking the time and resources to create these holiday
care bags.  It was a very considerate gesture and it really boosted
morale for me as well as the Soldiers in my unit.  The holidays can be a
very difficult time for many of us and your gifts make things so much
easier.  With that said, if you know of any families in Stewartsville,
NJ that have deployed Soldiers, please consider them too by saying a
quick "thank you"- they sacrifice and endure hardships equal, while we
are gone.  I know personally, my family back in the States is where I
draw my strength from every day.

You'll be happy to hear that our Soldiers are working extremely hard and
we've made great progress in Southern Afghanistan, as I'm sure you've
seen in the news.  Thanks again for your support!!!

And Another!
I am writing this to thank all of you for the wonderful packet I
recently received. It is hard sometimes to express to people back home
exactly how much something like this means to soldiers over here at this
time of the year. Be assured that your gift is well received. It is
occasions like this that remind us why we serve . Again, thank you for
your gift and your time. May God bless each and every one of this
Christmas and in the coming year.
With Gratitude,
SFC XXXXXXX - See more at:

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