Wish List

 Troops Wish List:
Letter and Cards of Appreciation are always needed!
Food Items:
* Powdered Drink Mix 
* Beef Jerky (Please no pork!)
* Cookies (Please no homemade!)
* Boxed Crackers
* Trail Mix and Granola Bars 
* Sunflower Seeds
* Hard Candy, Chewing Gum 
* Nuts  
* Ground Coffee (16 oz. or less)
* Peanut Butter
Individual cups fruit or applesauce 

Miscellaneous Items:
* Foot powder                   * Deodorant
* Sunscreen                       * Hand sanitizer  
* Batteries (AA & AAA only)       * Bug Spray 
* White socks (please no logos!)
* Baseballs, softballs and gloves       
* Moist towelettes, wipes (small packages)
* Calling cards (AT&T prepaid international:
      military exchange prepaid calling cards)
Other Good Items To Donate:
Travel Sizes Only!. No Aerosols and Nothing That Will Melt .Troops have little storage and must carry 50 lb + in gear. The smaller the items the better. THINK CAMPING!

  • Letters and Cards of Appreciation
  • Fabric Drawstring Bags
  • (most common patterns can be found online under a search for US Troop Drawstring Bags)
  • Gallon Ziploc Bags ( to put in drawstring bags)
  • Quart & Snack size Ziploc Bags
  • Small Holiday Cello Bags- any holiday
  • Ribbons- any kind (we use them to make packages look like gifts)
  • Sunday paper coupons (used to purchase items to fill care packages)
  • Blank Cards and Stationary
  • Gift Cards for  Target, Walmart, Shoprite, Stop n Shop etc. to purchase items for care packages
  • Postage Stamps

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